Diagnostic tests of the Immune Status

wdt_IDTargetlg-ClassOrder No.No. of testsMethodInstructions for useProduct Information
1 25 - OH Vitamin D quantitative ED 131 96 ELISA Instructions for use

OH- Vitamin D


The information regarding Storage and Stability have been updated.


Store all reagents, before and after opening at temperatures between 2-8°C, protected from intense light. Do not freeze. Shelf life of the test kit is indicated on the kit label and on the quality control certificate. The expiration date of each component is indicated on the respective label. Do not use reagents beyond the expiration date

Only use [MTS] with an intact vacuum packaging. After opening, [MTS] stored in the supplied bag with desiccant, are stable for up to 4 weeks at temperatures between 2-8°C. The diluted [WASHBUF] is stable for up to 4 weeks stored at temperatures between 2-8°C. All other reagents should be used within 4 weeks after opening.