Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing of specialised and customized immunological tests appeals most notably to Pharmaceutical and Biotech-Companies.

Quality is our top priority. Our products are subject to strict quality control. We produce in compliance with cGMP and DIN ISO 13485 requirements and are certified according to DIN ISO 13485 and cGMP by the Brazilian authority ANIVSA. Our employees and managers are appropriately qualified and keep up according to cGMP standards.

Viro-Immun is specialized for medium batch-sizes; we are able to produce flexibly and qualitatively outstanding lots of special ELISA parameters which may be needed for ‘pivotal’ pre-clinical and clinical studies in drug development according to ICH. With our customers we define test-design and parameter. Our QM system warrants that design and production files are documented according to ICH/cGMP Standards.

Quality products tailor-made for our customers.